POLYdrive kodiak DRUMS

Drive drums for highly efficient conveyance at maximum efficiency

About us:

  • Over 25 years of operational experience in construction and conveying technology
  • Exclusively German manufacturing
  • From H.I.-TEC developed, highly innovative friction lining in polymer casting technique that is not offered by any other competitor
  • Our customers experience gives us the confidence to grant a 4 years H.I.-TEC warranty on the drum shell

That's what we heard from our customers:

  • Highest coefficient of friction for easy plant operation especially with so-called "problem ribbons"
  • Excellent drawstring casing in extreme wet area prevents the drum slip
  • Significantly lower belt tension at a constant flow rate leads to the relief of the system components (belt, shaft, bearings, etc.)
  • High system utilization with maximum service life of the H.I.-TEC - drums lead to cost minimization in conveyance
  • Universal problem solver, by antimagnetic behavior and utmost acid resistance, especially for the recycling industry

Produced in Germany